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What Does Comprehensive Coverage Cover? How Auto Insurance Works? – Concord NC

Hello and happy Tuesday. This is Jason Bentley with the Jason Bentley Agency. Just briefly wanting to go over with you comprehensive coverage on an auto policy. On an auto policy, there are two types of coverages that would cover your vehicle itself, one being collision, the other being comprehensive. We seem to always have more questions on the comprehensive side so just to give you a couple of brief examples of what this would cover. Acts of God, so in case a tree falls on your vehicle, hail damage, even your car catching on fire would be covered under comprehensive. The others being also if your car is stolen is covered under comprehensive. And honestly, the biggest one is windshield cracks. So, basically in comprehensive, anything that is a falling object, even those coming towards your vehicle such as rocks coming off the road and stuff like that is covered under comprehensive.

So, if your windshield gets cracked, basically your comprehensive coverage would take care of it. Of course, you do have a deductible to take care of as well. But with that, I generally try to make sure that my clients have a zero deductible on comprehensive, just for the fact that it’s generally not your fault when something happens that is covered under comprehensive. I hope this helps you. Be sure to visit our YouTube page with the Jason Bentley Agency, our Facebook page at Jason Bentley Agency as well, and also Instagram. Feel free to give us a call at the China Grove Office, (704) 857-9512 or the Concord Office at (704) 784-3300. Thanks and have a great day.

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