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Homeowners Insurance Dwelling Coverage Question – China Grove, NC

Hello, this is Jason Bentley with the Bentley Agency coming to you, again, to answer a question that continues to seem to come up. On homeowners’ insurance policies, your dwelling replacement amount and what that value is compared to, what you might thinking that it should be. A lot of people seem to come in thinking that the appraisal on their home, market value, or even the tax value from the city and county is what should be on their homeowner’s policy. That is actually incorrect.

What we generally are looking for is what is it going to cost to rebuild your home from scratch, getting a general contractor out there and the cost of all the materials, and everything it’s going to take to actually build your home, not what your market value is. That is why you generally see the difference in the pricing on what you see from a homeowner’s policy versus an appraisal or tax value.

Hope this helps you out. Please give us a call in Concord at (704) 784-3300, or in China Grove at (704) 857-9512, or visit us at YouTube, Instagram and Facebook at the Jason Bentley Agency pages. Thank you, have a great day.

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