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Electrical Fire Takes Home – China Grove, NC

Hello, everyone. Jason Bentley here with the Jason Bentley Agency, just wanting to come to you quickly about a question that does come up quite a bit. People honestly ask us on a regular basis, why do they pay for insurance and what does it cover? And it does cover quite a few things, so a lot of things that happen instantly in this world that you do not expect to happen. It’s for those moments in life that you’re really glad that you do have an insurance company to take care of you and an agency like ourselves to handle the claim and all that for you.

One instance came up just recently where an electrical fire actually took over someone’s home and burnt it to the ground. We’ll show it to you right here. As you can see, not much left to it. And our agency is in the process of taking care of their claim and making sure that they are covered completely and building their home back the way it needs to be. So again, there are definitely reasons to have your insurance and make sure that it is taking care of you properly. Be sure to give us a call at the Jason Bentley Agency, (704) 857-9512 or (704) 784-3300. Shoot us a text, follow us on YouTube or Facebook and Instagram. Talk to you then. Thank you. Bye.

Call Jason Bentley Agency in China Grove, NC at (704) 857-9512.

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